Premium benefits for exhibitors

The S3D-market is NOW in the stage to enter a level, where the

    • number of complementary products
    • available applications and
    • price-performance relation

will find the acceptance in the market.

Profitable sales can start very soon. Within the next 2-5 years S3D-products will become commonplace. There will be a quite similar scenario as we had in the computer display market. As reference please see the market research data for the development since the year 2000 of the average computer display street price in Germany published by the official German Federal Statistical Office:

Please take in consideration, that the above data include CRT and TFTs. The price drop for only TFT based computer displays has been much more drastically!

However the KEY to SUCCESS will be the availability of
=> COMPLETE S3D-Systems
with a high level of “Easy to use” and practical benefit for the user!


As an Exhibitor of the “S3D-Basics+, YOU will be:

  • part of a preferential platform to present your latest technologies and products

  • able to find dedicated and professional cooperation partner for marketing and sales

  • able to get in touch with NEW potential (innovation interested) customer

  • able to get in touch with international press

  • able to participate at and to create very interesting NEW projects

  • able to use the innovative “S3D-Message” for your company IMAGE marketing