Aim of the event

General approach:

This event has the clear purpose to PROMOTE Stereo-3D visualization technologies and applications.

It gives an overview about the actual status as well as an outlook to the near future. Stereo-3D is one of the most exciting and promising areas in the industry with huge potential for SALES – MARKETING and FUN.

       The puzzle parts of Stereo-3D are ready to be put in place for an impressing total picture!          We will HELP doing so and to BRING the MESSAGE TO THE MARKET…


Actual background:

The DIGITAL WORLD enables the Stereo-3D segment to create a big number of complementary visualization techniques as well as a cost effective way for CONTENT creation and distribution.

On the other side COMPETITION and ALTERNATIVE sourcing possibilities are very important to drive a market. This is valid also for the Stereo-3D area. Before big companies and organizations do decide to use new technologies beside a 1st purchasing source at least a 2nd or even better a 3rd reliable source should be available.