S3D-Expo in combination with conference S3D-Today,  edition 2012


WolfVision GmbH

A-6833 Klaus |Oberes Ried 14 | Austria

VZ-C3D Visualizer

Introducing the world’s first 3D Visualizer

WolfVision introduces the VZ-C3D, a sensational 3D stereoscopic
‘live‘ presentation solution. The VZ-C3D Visualizer delivers real-time
‘live‘ high definition 3D images that can be viewed in amazing quality,
with or without glasses on any suitable 3D-enabled display screen.

The VZ-C3D Visualizer is ceiling mounted, because in order to deliver
perfectly proportioned 3D realistic images, it is essential to have
a greater distance between the camera and the recorded object
than is possible with desktop Visualizers.

Main features
• 12x optical zoom
• Synchronized lightfield for easy positioning of objects
• 3D native output resolution - 1080p
• 2D native output resolution - 1080p  (Switchable between either 2D or 3D operation)
• Compatible with all 3D displays (Glasses or glasses-free models)
• Infrared remote control

The viewing of 3D stereoscopic images is highly valued in many
professional applications, particularly where extra visual information,
such as enhanced depth perception is extremely beneficial.
Specialist medical and telemedical applications, and also product
design and engineering, science and education, videoconferencing
and telepresence applications can all benefit from the new
and exciting imaging possibilities created by the introduction of the
WolfVision VZ-C3D Visualizer.

Available in December 2012