Exhibitors have been:

                 Stereo-3D technology leaders,  software vendors,  content creator/producer

Rough overview by section-areas

a) 3D-visualization-technologies

  • Series (production) products and technologies with series-production readiness
  • Prototypes with series-production readiness < 12 months
  • Prototypes und theories with series-production readiness > 12 months

Beside particular demo-material of the specific manufacturers it has been made available on all different technologies the same, comparable demo-Content,

b) 3D-Content

  • Types (Still Picture, Video, Animation)
  • Formats (Side-by-Side, Above-Below, Field Sequential, Interlaced Stereo)
  • Creation (complete Tools, Plug-ins, conversions)
  • Playback (Viewer, Player)