Why is the marketing of 3D-products still challenging ?

„Human beings are creatures of habit“ – that is why we often opose the „new“ or “unfamiliar”. But human beings also are curious and enthusiastic – for example when they experience practical things, of which they had – up to now and based on their experience – always thought that it would not be possible to create them artificially.

For this reason we consider the main reason to be:

  • There are not enough possibilities for end customers and dealers to experience Stereo-3D products “live”.

Other reasons are:

  • Most potential users (and therefore potential customers), but also the press, are not aware of the current status and quality of up-to-date 3D-technogologies.
    Therefore they are not able to generate demand.

  • Many 3D manufacturers confine themselves to just a few and very specific applications.

  • Many 3D manufacturers do not know the right potention cooperation partners on the subjects of: hardware, software, channels of trade, advertising etc.

  • Many 3D technology leaders do not have experience in marketing in the IT sector.

  • Many manufacturers of important standard components (such as high-resolution TFT monitors) do not know the state of the art of the 3D techniques and therefore they are not able to recognize the potential for possible cooperation and possible own future products.