Why will „Stereo-3D“ be the market of the future ?

Not only the IT-world is looking for new markets and new products to boost buyers´ demand. The rapid “DotCom” euphoria was followed by an exaggerated pessimism with regard to new technologies.

„Stereo-3D“ has the potential to boost products that will enthuse.

Today large parts of the puzzle already exist (hardware, software and content) to be able to put together effective Stereo-3D systems.

The digital age, which has just begun, opens new inconceivable dimensions concerning the posibilities to set-up, process and distribute Stereo-3D content.

Once the Stereo-3D content exists in digital form, the same content can be watched in all Stereo-3D techniques, which is decisive for an optimal and flexible use and in consequence most important for marketing.

The quality of viewing technologies for Stereo-3D content today ranges from a beginner level (with unbeatable cost-benefit-ratio) to professional ideas with VR-ambitions.

The near future will allow further quality improvement and respectively reduction of expenses of basiccomponents through technological progress (such as smaller dotpich, higher computer performance, higher frequency range and more bits per second).