Product shown          

   Software-Tool: 3D viewer "Basic Contact Stereo"
 Carl Zeiss 
   HMD "Cinemizer" for mobile viewing of 2D and 3D

   3D Projection screens: "Virtual grey" / "Virtual black"

   Camera "FinePix Real 3D W3", 2D and 3D....for capturing still pictures and 720p video

   2D/S3D-TFT-displays with polarization glasses:  46"and 24"

   Mobile 3D projection system with INFITEC-glasses...connected to notebook or mini-PC 

   high quality 3D polarization glasses

   Projectors with Infitec, Polarization and Shutter (Infrared, DLP-Link, cable)

   Accessories for professional capturing of still pctures and video

  Shutter glasses "3D Vision"...connected to TFT-display, projector and notebook

   3D-multi-view-TFT-display, without glasses: 27"