What is shown?


3D Still Picture Camera with video option from FUJIFILM

3D DIGITAL VIEWER with video option from FUJIFILM

3D HMD (Head Mounted Display) from Carl Zeiss

3D polarisation glasses            with projectors and TFT monitors from MARCHON3D

3D shutter glasses (Nvidia)     with notebook, TFT monitor and projector

3D INFITEC glasses                  with projectors

42" TFT-3D-display                  multi-view - without glasses

27" TFT-3D-display                  multi-view from TRIDELITY - without glasses

55" TFT-2D/3DTV                   dual-view with glasses

19" TFT-2D/3D-display          dual-view  without glasses

20" TFT-3D-display                 dual-view from SeeReal Technologies (EOL)

18" TFT-3D-display                 dual-view from SeeReal Technologies (EOL)

15" TFT-2D/3D-display          dual-view from SHARP - without glasses (EOL)

3D anaglyph glasses               with TFTs, CRTs, projectors, notebooks

3D lenticular prints with content taken by photo and generated by computer


Projection screens for 3D front & rear projection from Da-Lite

Accessories for professional capturing of still pctures and video from NOVOFLEX


Interactive Stereo-3D viewer from Bitmanagement Software

Software / Applications 

various applications are available