Target audience

End user out of all potential S3D-Application-Areas

Sales companies and service provider (system houses, dealer, agencies for marketing–events–advertising, hardware rental companies etc.), which have direct business relation with customer out all potential S3D-Application-Areas

Media representative (press, radio, TV)

Manufacturer of 3D-hardware (e.g. 3D-displays, 3D-glasses, 3D-cameras)

Manufacturer of 3D-content (e.g. 3D-games, 3D-movies, 3D-presentations, 3D-still pictures)

Manufacturer of software tools for creating S3D-content

Manufacturer of 3D-peripherals (e.g. 3D-mouse, 3D-scanner, 3D-printer)

Manufacturer of standard components, like computer, displays, projectors, graphic boards

Sponsors (potential) = all companies, which like to use the innovative subject S3D to make IMAGE marketing,

Trade associations

Financial investors

Universities, schools


Provider / carrier for internet, cable, satellite

IPTV- carrier