“The visitor is king…“

You as an interested visitor of the S3D-Showroom have the possibility to join regular public events or to ask for a private VIP consulting.

The S3D-Showroom is located in Seefeld (BAB A96, Ausfahrt Oberpfaffenhofen), in the south of Munich. You will reach it quickly and without any problem. With pleasure we send you a detailed directions information!

Access to the S3D-Showroom do have:

  • qualified visitors (tradesmen, press, scientists and developers), after pre-confirmation
  • private persons as guest of tradesmen, after pre-confirmation
  • private persons as S3D-Business-Club members at club events, after pre-confirmation

Please confirm with us your visit in advance:


                        +49 (0) 700 -    (12 cent/min.)

                        +49 (0) 700 - STEREO3D      (12 cent/min.)